Can Amla Oil Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

What is amla oil?

Amla fruit, also known as Indian gooseberry and emblic myrobalan, is derived from the amalaki tree, which is native to India. Amla is available in health food and beauty stores as an oil or as the principal ingredient in hair products.

Those who practice ayurvedic medicine, also known as Ayurveda, believe that all portions of the tree have medicinal benefits. The amla fruit is high in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. According to Ayurveda practitioners, the fruit is beneficial for improving hair health and stimulating hair growth.

How can amla oil benefits hair?

According to certain research, such claims have scientific support. Based on a small number of trials, amla appears to be beneficial at preventing hair parasites, improving hair look, and increasing hair growth.

Researchers in India evaluated four different types of hair products, including amla oil. They discovered that amla oil was the most poisonous to hair parasites and consequently the most effective at preventing parasite infestations.

Researchers in another Indian study investigated the effectiveness of amla and other herbal hair oils to increase hair health and growth in rabbits and rats. They applied amla oil patches in varying concentrations to the animals’ fur and tracked fur growth for 15 days. They discovered that amla oil caused “substantial” and relatively quick fur development.

A study conducted by Pakistani experts backs up the notion that amla oil promotes hair development in rabbits. However, the researchers found no effect on sheep. They determined that this is because sheep lack a distinct fat layer within their skin, unlike many other animal species such as rabbits, rats, and humans.

How do you use amla oil on your hair?

Amla oil is available in a variety of concentrations. Less concentrated oils are blended with more water, making them weaker. That isn’t always a terrible thing. The optimal concentration of amla oil, according to researchers, is a 7.5 percent solution with water.

When purchasing amla oil, pay attention to the concentration and follow the package directions.

What to know before using amla oil on your hair

The advantage of amla oil is that there is no risk of overuse. In fact, when administered to the scalp as a hair health and growth help, scientists have identified no significant adverse effects.

Buy it in oil form from a health food or beauty store to put on your hair. It’s also possible to find it already incorporated into hair products. For the best results, follow the directions provided.

In Conclusion 

Amla oil has been promoted as an ayurvedic remedy to improve hair health and growth. Several modest studies provide some support for those ideas. It’s worth noting that the hair growth tests were conducted on animals, not humans.

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