Nioxin Shampoo for Hair Loss: Does It Really Work?

Nioxin Shampoo is one of the most common topical treatments for hair loss. Whether taken by alone or as part of a routine, it has been scientifically demonstrated to help prevent hair thinning and hair loss.

Minoxidil, the active component in Nioxin, is responsible for its effectiveness. Since it was identified to treat alopecia (hair loss) in 1986, this component has been employed in different hair thinning therapies. It’s the only topical substance authorised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for hair loss. If you’re having hair loss and contemplating taking Nioxin, here’s everything you need to know about the advantages and downsides, how it’s used, and what the professionals have to say about it.

Pros and Cons of Nioxin


  • scientifically shown to enhance hair thickness and hair loss
  • most reviewers are happy with Nioxin goods
  • quite simple to use
  • effects noticed as soon as 30 days
  • the broad variety of treatments, including solutions for colour-treated hair and more severe hair thinning


  • doesn’t work for all forms of hair loss
  • keeping a hair care programme daunting for some folks
  • product options may be bewildering
  • the cost might be an issue for some individuals
  • need to continue using the product forever
  • may irritate the scalp or induce undesired hair growth in women

What is Nioxin?

Nioxin is a hair loss therapy manufactured with minoxidil, a scientifically validated component for minimising the symptoms of thinning hair. The firm was created in 1987 by Eva Graham after she suffered losing half of her hair postpartum. Graham met with many scientists and hair stylists to establish a formulation, forming NIOXIN Research Laboratories to continue to investigate hair care.

Today, Nioxin provides a leave-in treatment with minoxidil, several supportive regimens for thinning hair, as well as products aimed at scalp care and dandruff.

Who is it for?

Nioxin works best for patients who have non-scarring alopecia, indicating that their hair follicles still have the possibility for hair regeneration. (In scarring alopecia, the hair follicle is irreversible owing to the death of stem cells.) The most prevalent kind of hair loss is androgenic alopecia, which is non-scarring and may affect both women and men. It’s commonly referred to as pattern baldness or hair loss.

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr Geeta Yadav, products containing minoxidil are excellent for persons who are just starting to experience hair loss at the top or back of their head. “If you’re finding your part expanding and more scalp is exposed than it previously was, you might be an excellent candidate for minoxidil treatment,” she adds.

Does it actually work?

Minoxidil has been scientifically studied and confirmed to improve hair regeneration. Nioxin says its treatments minimise hair fall due to breaking by up to 91 per cent. The business also boasts that 85 per cent of clients who have used the Nioxin System Kits “noticed a thickening effect” in their hair. According to Yadav, the active component in Nioxin, minoxidil (which is also included in hair loss treatments like Rogaine, Keranique and many others) may halt hair loss in roughly half of men and women who take it for androgenic alopecia.

“Minoxidil’s effectiveness is optimal for persons with male or female pattern hair loss,” Yadav explains. “If you have a receding hairline or scant hair at the front of your head, this product may not be as helpful.” She thinks it’s most successful if taken before age 40, saying that “treating androgenic alopecia as early as possible may frequently be key to getting results.” As long as you’re a suitable candidate for this medication, commencing minoxidil ASAP may be useful.

How can you determine whether you’re a good candidate for Nioxin?

Yadav suggests searching out a board trained dermatologist, who can precisely determine the source of your hair loss. “Other specialists, including general physicians and endocrinologists, may also consult with you to discover whether there are underlying reasons for your hair loss,” she explains. “In many circumstances, hair loss may not have anything to do with your scalp, but [it] might be caused by diet, hormone imbalances, drugs, medical disorders, and many more factors.”

She suggests getting medical care immediately if you observe unusually big clumps of hair fall while you’re washing your hair or more than 50 to 100 strands a day. Another point to consider regarding minoxidil’s effectiveness is that medications like Nioxin need to be used forever in order to continue functioning.

“Once a person discontinues these products there is a regression to the hair loss, as the hair will revert to its baseline growth pattern,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr Annie Gonzalez. “Due to the requirement for constant and long-term usage, the expense may be another aspect to consider when commencing this treatment.”

Gonzales adds that, frequently, minoxidil is not the only therapy required to address hair thinning or hair loss, so it’s not reasonable to expect treatments like Nioxin to totally reverse or cure the disease.

Nioxin products

Nioxin provides several medications and regimens, and it might be difficult at first to look at whether products genuinely contain minoxidil. Here’s a breakdown.

Minoxidil hair regrowth treatments

The major products for hair loss Nioxin provides are:

Minoxidil hair regrowth treatments


  • 2 per cent Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment for women
  • 5 per cent Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment for males




System kits

Nioxin System KitsThe firm also sells additional hair care packages called System Kits. These are available in several variants for natural, colour-treated, and bleached hair types.

The kits also come in two strengths, one for minor hair thinning and one for more developed thinning. These products replace your shampoo and conditioner, however, they do not include minoxidil. The concept behind these kits is that they create the finest possible circumstances for regeneration.

The System Kit comprised of three products:

  • Scalp Shampoo. Like a typical shampoo, the Nioxin Scalp Shampoo eliminates debris and oil to cleanse the scalp and prepare it for the following stages.
  • Scalp Conditioner. Using gentle moisturisers, this conditioner is supposed to strengthen hair without weighing it down.
  • Scalp & Hair Treatment. This leave-in treatment is supposed to be applied after towel-drying your hair. It contains nicotinate, a chemical form of niacin that studies shows may enhance hair fullness.

Hair regrowth kit

Hair regrowth kitFinally, Nioxin provides a Hair Regrowth Kit ($45) that comprises the Scalp Shampoo, the Scalp Conditioner and the Hair Regrowth Treatment (the formula that contains minoxidil) (the formula that contains minoxidil).

This is a great option for maintaining the quality of your hair while also getting the proven benefits of minoxidil. Plus, it provides you with the most bang for your money.


How it works

Here’s a brief look at how to start a Nioxin programme for hair loss.

Step 1: Determine which items are appropriate for you

Use the Hair Regrowth Treatment, which includes minoxidil, on its own or in combination with a System Kit. The manufacturer advocates using the treatment with its shampoo and conditioner for maximum results. You may consult with your dermatologist for extra information on a treatment plan.

Step 2: Apply products according to the guidelines

Whether you use simply the minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment or the treatment with one of the three-step System Kits, it’s crucial to utilise the items as prescribed and continue to use them regularly. If you use both the treatment and the kit every day, remember that the Hair Regrowth Treatment should be administered to a dry scalp. You should not wet your scalp for at least 4 hours after application.

Step 3: Be consistent and patient

According to Yadav, a lot of individuals quit medications like Nioxin, since they don’t see effects soon enough. “Consistency is crucial for any therapy since hair can only grow around 1 centimetre a month,” she explains. Use the goods regularly for at least 3 months, so you can tell whether it’s actually working for you or not.


The active component in the Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment is 2 per cent or 5 per cent minoxidil. It also includes alcohol, propylene glycol, and filtered water.


The Nioxin Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment costs $35. The Hair Regrowth Kit (which includes the Hair Regrowth Treatment) costs $45. The pricing for the three-product Nioxin System Kit is $45. You may also acquire a sample size kit containing a 1-month supply of the System Kit’s items for $30.

Side effects

The most prevalent adverse effects include scalp sensitivity, notably itching and skin irritation. Gonzalez urges her patients to test a tiny area before adding product to the bigger regions of concern. “Always speak with a dermatologist if irritation gets severe, since there are methods to control it,” she advises.

People also notice hair loss initially upon taking Nioxin, or any product that includes minoxidil as the active component. This is transitory, since new growth replaces the hair you lose. Some women also experience undesired hair growth while using Nioxin treatments. Yadav suggests being cautious not to get product anywhere on the face for this reason. Rinse immediately if contact occurs.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for Nioxin to work?

According to the company, 9 out of 10 people experience thicker hair during the first 30 days of utilising the System Kit. It normally takes 1 to 3 months to see substantial hair regrowth from the Hair Regrowth Treatment.

How do you utilise Nioxin?

The Nioxin system is administered directly on the scalp.

How frequently should you use it?

The Nioxin Hair Regrowth Treatment should be applied twice daily. The System Kit should be used once daily.

What happens if you stop taking Nioxin?

If you stop taking Nioxin, you will likely experience hair thinning. The products boost hair development and prevent hair loss only when you actively utilise the products as prescribed.

In Conclusion

Thinning hair may be hard, but there are a variety of options, like Nioxin, that could assist. Before commencing on any type of regimen, though, it’s crucial to talk with a dermatologist to assess your individual requirements and the correct therapy for you. Together, you can come up with a strategy to fight your hair loss.

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