What You Should Know About President Biden’s New Omicron Variant Plan

  • President Joe Biden has launched a new multipronged approach to combat the Omicron variant’s fast spread.
  • Adding clinics and workers to the strategy will make it easier for individuals to get vaccinated.
  • The White House also intends to distribute 500 million COVID-19 at-home exams around the country.
  • The strategy also includes additional support for hospitals that are seeing an increase in persons with COVID-19.

President Joe Biden has announced additional efforts to mitigate the impact of the highly infectious Omicron strain of the novel coronavirus as it spreads across the United States.

Increasing vaccination capacity so that more individuals can obtain their primary doses or boosters, expanding government testing locations, sending 500 million at-home tests to people in the United States, and deploying federal resources to help overburdened hospitals are among the solutions.

During a speech at the White House on Dec. 21, Biden remarked, “We should all be concerned about Omicron but not alarmed.”

The president stated that Americans who have been vaccinated, particularly those who have been boosted, may enjoy the holidays with their families and friends.

The president did, however, issue a strong warning to unvaccinated individuals about the dangers of COVID-19, particularly with Omicron.

“If you haven’t been properly vaccinated, you should be concerned. “You have a significant danger of being ill,” Biden said. “Those who have not been vaccinated have a far higher chance of ending up in the hospital – or possibly dying.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15% of individuals in the United States have never received a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccination (CDC).

Unvaccinated persons are 14 times more likely than fully vaccinated people to die from COVID-19, according to the agency’s findings. Unvaccinated persons are 20 times more likely to die than those who have been boosted.

The president urged eligible Americans to get their booster shot, according to Trusted Source.

I got my booster shot as soon as they were approved “According to Biden. “Former President Trump recently announced that he had received his booster shot. It might be one of the few points on which he and I agree.”

The capacity for vaccination and testing has been increased.

The government announced plans to launch additional pop-up vaccination clinics around the country to make it simpler for patients to obtain their booster shot or their first or second dosage.

In addition, the White House will deploy more vaccines to enhance capacity at locations and collaborate with pharmacists to increase the number of doses they can dispense.

In addition, the administration is making efforts to increase testing capacity in the country, which is critical in dealing with the Omicron variant’s rapid proliferation.

The Omicron form accounted for 73 percent of infections in the country on Dec. 18, up from 12 percent a week earlier, according to the CDC.

Additional testing centers will be established around the country, and people will be able to take COVID-19 assessments at home.

“The federal government will spend half a billion dollars on more at-home quick testing, with delivery beginning in January,” Biden added. “We’ll be giving these exams away for free to Americans.”

People will be able to protect themselves and others more easily as a result of this, as well as additional testing and vaccination locations.

However, the administration’s strategy does not include further steps to combat the virus’s spread, such as a COVID-19 test requirement for domestic flights, new mask standards, or proof-of-vaccination requirements.

As a result, instances will continue to climb, and hospitalizations will rise in parallel.

The administration recommended numerous initiatives to boost up hospital capacity to enable healthcare facilities — which are already pressured by the continuing Delta variant wave — to survive this rise.

This involves sending medically trained U.S. service members and government medical workers to COVID-19-affected facilities, as well as supplying personal protection equipment, ventilators, and other vital supplies.


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